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Today at 11:42:10 AM by gash
Views: 99 | Comments: 0

US scientists found a Spanish galleon laden with treasure worth up to £12.6bn at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, more than 300 years after it sank.

The San Jose, considered the holy grail of shipwrecks, was discovered three years ago off the coast of Colombia but few details were released at the time.

The 62-gun, three-masted galleon sank in June 1708, during a battle with British ships in the War of Spanish Succession, with the loss of nearly 600 lives.

Its treasure of gold, silver and emeralds has been described as the most valuable ever found and the precise location of the shipwreck was one of maritime history’s most enduring mysteries.

The galleon was discovered using an underwater autonomous vehicle operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the agency has now disclosed.

Colombia’s government announced in 2015 that the San Jose had been found but further details were only released this week with permission from the agencies involved in the search, including the South American country’s authorities.

“We’ve been holding this under wraps out of respect for the Colombian government,” said Rob Munier, WHOI’s vice-president for marine facilities and operations.

The US-based agency was invited to join the search because of its expertise in deep water exploration.

In 2011 the institute’s autonomous underwater vehicle, Remus 6000, helped find the wreckage of Air France 447, which crashed in 2009 several hundred miles off the coast of Brazil.

The San Jose was found at a depth 600 metres using side sonar images taken by Remus 6000 in November 2015.

The vehicle descended to nine metres above the wreck to take several photographs, including some of the distinctive dolphin engravings on the galleon’s cannons, a key piece of visual evidence.

“The wreck was partially sediment-covered, but with the camera images from the lower altitude missions, we were able to see new details in the wreckage and the resolution was good enough to make out the decorative carving on the cannons,” said WHOI engineer and expedition leader Mike Purcell.

“It was a pretty strong feeling of gratification to finally find it,” said Mr Munier, who was not at the site but learned in a phone call from Mr Purcell. “It was a great moment.”

Read more & Video  :
May 22, 2018, 10:29:31 AM by gash
Views: 31 | Comments: 0

As the BBC repeats Detectorists, which was filmed in some of Suffolk’s most beautiful spots, we find out where fans can see where Andy and Lance found their “hot rocks and grots” and the function rooms where Sheila’s terrifying lemonade was once served.

The BBC is airing the final series of Detectorists – filmed in Framlingham in Suffolk – for a second time: watch an episode and then enjoy a pint in the Two Brewers pub, or Castle Inn as it’s known to the locals or nip in for a Zumba session where the Danebury Metal Detecting Club holds its meetings.
While the charming series is loosely based in the fictional Essex town of Danebury, it’s actually filmed in Suffolk, in and around Framlingham thanks to site visits made before filming began by writer, director and star of the show, Mackenzie Crook.
“As soon as we came out to Suffolk, and Framlingham, we knew this was the town we wanted to film it,” he said, adding that he’d been searching for locations “far enough away from London so that everyone had to come and stay in hotels and be away from home, just to get that community spirit”.

Read more :
May 21, 2018, 09:13:30 PM by gash
Views: 67 | Comments: 0

once worn by the wife of an elite Roman soldier has been named in honour of the late daughter of one of the Cumbrian men who found it.

Pensioner pals Graham Ryan and Bob Dennison, who live next to each other at Beckfoot, near Silloth, found the ring in January last year while using their metal detectors on a Maryport beach.

Continue reading –
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