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November 16, 2018, 04:57:46 PM by gash
Views: 32 | Comments: 0

A resident in Worthing West sussex was digging the Rose beds in Her garden when She noticed something unusual, initially believing it was it was rubbish she put it to one side before later realising it looked like it could be something important.

She took it into the local Museum and was amazed to be informed it is in fact an Anglo-Saxon spearhead dating to around 450-600 AD!!!!!

The Museum commented  ”These items are rare and are usually found associated with graves so the museum and members of the Worthing Archaeological Society will be conducting a small excavation in the garden where this was found next year, where if we’re lucky we may find a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon grave site”

November 16, 2018, 04:44:38 PM by gash
Views: 35 | Comments: 0

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the most south-westerly Roman town in Britain at a Devon site where 25 new homes are being built.

Local teams are working with developer Redrow on the housebuilder’s Romansfield development in Okehampton.

AC archaeology has found the foundation trenches and post-holes of some 25 timber-constructed buildings situated either side of a well-preserved Roman road extending eastwards from a military fort.

Read more :
November 16, 2018, 04:39:44 PM by gash
Views: 40 | Comments: 0

The Romans ruled over Britain for the best part of 400 years, from Claudius’ invasion in 43 AD until the country’s return to self-governance in the 5th century.

Over the course of their long occupation, the Romans did much to forge a sophisticated kingdom that bore little resemblance to the tribal land that predated their arrival. They built towns, cities, forts and, of course, their famously straight roads, many of which are still followed today.

Thousands of years later, Britain is dotted with the remains of an empire that was in many ways ahead of its time. The remarkable sophistication of the architecture, artistry and innovation on show at many of these sites belies their age. Here are 10 of the best to visit.

1. Hadrian’s Wall
Hadrian’s Wall is surely the most spectacular remnant of the Roman Empire in Britain. Stretching 73 miles from coast to coast, the wall traverses a northern frontier – from Wallsend on the River Tyne in the east, to Bowness-on-Solway in the west.

The wall accents the landscape’s rugged beauty with an assortment of milecastles, barracks, ramparts and forts. It was built by a force of 15,000 men over the course of six years and still impresses as an extraordinary feat of engineering and labour, nearly 2,000 years after its completion

2. Chedworth Roman Villa
Set amid tranquil Cotswold woodland, this villa is one of the UK’s most extensive Roman ruins, offering more than a mile of walls to explore. You’ll discover some stunning mosaics in remarkably fine condition, a hypocaust and two bath houses, while a Roman temple is a pleasant stroll away.

3. Roman Baths (Bath)

Built around natural hot springs in the 1st century, the Roman Baths remain a remarkably well-preserved remnant of Roman Britain. Sadly, you’re not permitted to take a dip in the invitingly warm (though offputtingly green) waters today but the still steaming pool conjures a rare sense of connection with the Romans who bathed here thousands of years ago.

Read more :
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