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Author Topic: Golden Mask 1 - 18khz  (Read 507 times)

Offline gash

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Golden Mask 1 - 18khz
« on: February 17, 2016, 10:22:04 PM »
Heres my review on the golden mask 1 18khz  by Lee Roberts

Ive been using this machine for a while,, and been very sucsessful with it and thought of doing a review of this machine, for those that want to Step out of the box and see what the european detectors have to offer, this machine is the upgraded build design of the original machine.

Build quality and construction

The build quality of this machine is better than any other machine ive used,, solid is the key word here.. the 10.5 DD coil is filled with resin so is very strong and durable and fully waterproof, the stem of the gm1 is made of good quality carbon fibre all the way up from the coil to the control box.
It has a steel arm cup, with a velcro arm strap.
it runs off 10 AA rechargable batteries, and the pack is situated under the arm cup.
Battery life on a full charge is around 40hrs With headphones and takes around 6 hours to charge to full from empty with the charging adapter that comes with the gm1.
The weight of the machine is 3lb 11oz but is a really well balanced machine, with the weight of the battery pack at the back and the coil weight, also with the ultra light carbon fibre stem gives this machine a fine balance.
The control box is again made of good quality materials and is a scaled down version of the original gm1 box which is twice the size.
Theres only 3 knobs on the machine
A threshold, disc, and volume control.
On the original gm1 with the big control box the volume knob was positioned under the box and was easily knocked.
Now with the new design smaller box the volume knob is on the face of the control box.
its performance.

Let me first off say this machine is very sensitive, at 18khz is very sharp.
its recovery speed and target seperation on iron invested sites is exeptional.
its very strong in the unmasking area in heavy iron.
The ground balance is auto.

This 1 tone anaglog machine has a very sweet audio very sharp and crisp.
being 18khz it hits on hammered coins and roman coins, and small artifacts very well.
This machine was cleary designed for european cultivated soil, with its low disc setting.
it has a very good iron disc, but wont totally disc out a pull tab on max.
Which is fine by me as i dont want to disc out gold and hammereds anyway.
Even with the disc on 0 it will knock out small nails.
With disc at 4 or 5 cut halves could give a broken signal and be dismissed as iron splutter, disc on 2 is ideal.
With the disc on 2, it will knock out medium to big size iron nails..
Big miss shaped iron will give a spit and splutter type signal, and is easily identified by doing a 360 over a signal that is not 100%.
The threshold on 9.5 in the field will give a continuous hum and is easier to identify the deeper faint signals by hearing the threshold.
The volume on full without headhones is advised to hear the quiter deeper signals.
With headphone half way is safice.
The depth is very good it punches through the ground very well, better than most machines ive tested, Great on ancient mineralized sites.

All in all this bulgarian made machine is a joy to use, no jumpy screens no gimmicks, just pure performance, once the ears are tuned into this fine machine it will become 2nd nature of its charactaristics of its audio on certain targets. ive lost count the amount of tiny roman coins and artifacts its pulled out in heavy iron, that other machines have failed at.
Also theres a big selection of different coils to choose from, also aftermarket ones.
for searching ancient sites, its a killer of a machine and nothing will match it in its price range for performace i believe.

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XP Deus 9" coil & 13x11 coil
XP Goldmaxx Power
Whites DFX
Garrett Ace250


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