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Magnetic fishing trip nets coin haul

Started by gash, May 30, 2017, 01:47:36 pm

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Thomas Jackson credits his haul to being in possession of a particularly strong magnet when out "fishing" for valuables.

He had been searching a local brook - which he does not identify - using neodymium magnets when the amazing trove presented itself. Mr Jackson wrote: "A small rusty tin came up from under the bridge and I put it in a bag. "When dry, the metal tin, with a small hole in one corner, fell apart and out came 43 pieces of silver hammered coins covered in grime and silt." He added: "They look to be from lots of different eras and maybe could have been someone's coin collection that was either lost or stolen." A quick soak in tepid water with washing-up liquid, and the coins came out all shiny and new, he reported.

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