The Ribchester Helmet – An Ancient Roman artifact

Started by gash, July 24, 2017, 11:42:16 am

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The Ribchester Helmet - An Ancient Roman artifact discovered by a 13-year-old boy while playing behind the house

The most famous find of Ribchester, England, was not the result of an archaeological dig. This two-piece ceremonial helmet of embossed bronze consisting of a headpiece and a face mask was discovered by accident in 1796 by a clog maker's 13-year-old son playing behind the house. It proved to be part of a hoard of Roman military equipment, probably placed in the ground about 120 AD, and may represent the private belongings of a single soldier.

Impractical for protecting a soldier in battle, this helmet would have been worn by participants in sporting competitions known by the name of "Gymnasia Hyppica," where the cavalry of the Roman Empire displayed their skill and expertise, maneuvering and handling weapons such as javelins and spears in front of military commanders and even emperors.

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