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Paul Coleman Anglo Saxon Hoard Story

Started by gash, August 04, 2017, 02:34:16 pm

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Paul Coleman Anglo Saxon Hoard Story : In Febuary 2017 A Final £85k secured The Lenborough Anglo Saxon coin hoard

A final £85,000 needed to keep a hoard of Anglo Saxon coins together has been secured.

More than 5,000 coins, valued at £1.35m, were found in Buckinghamshire in 2014.

Buckinghamshire County Museum was given £1.27m in grants to help buy the hoard. It has now raised the extra funds which includes donations from locals.

A museum spokesman said it could now tell the story of the coins "with conviction".

The 5,248 coins, which were found in Lenborough, near Padbury, are believed to have been buried around 1030-1035 AD.

They depict the heads of King Ethelred the Unready and King Canute and it is hoped they will shed new light on coinage and trade from that era.

It is the largest hoard discovered since the Treasure Act was introduced in 1996.

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