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Total Noob

Started by Gaza07, August 09, 2017, 10:39:13 pm

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Hi all I'm a total noob to this hobby and have no clue where to start and what to get any pointers would be very much appreciated
is it best to buy some second hand gear first ?
whats a good starter kit
great looking site to



Hi Gaz , Welcome to the forum.

Lots of info on here, have a read through the code of conduct - the do's and dont's of the hobby.
My advice would look at second hand and set yourself a budget, people have their own mindsets and really you must take all opinions separately - myself i use XP Deus, good machine but expensive.
A good range of starter machines are the Garret series, i had one at the beginning the ACE 250, lovely little machine and many users still have them, wife uses mine. My daughter (9) has the Minelab gofind 60, not bad little machine , rather quirky but it does the job.

Well enjoy the hobby and make use of the forum - thats what we are here for

All the best

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