Man is disgusted after 1,400-year-old Anglo-Saxon jewel is valued at a 'paltry'

Started by gash, August 20, 2017, 09:28:02 am

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A man who found 1,400-year-old Anglo Saxon treasure while digging up his garden has been left furious - after it was valued at a 'paltry' £2,800 ($3,500).
Paul Hardcastle, 52, was erecting a fence post in his garden when he came across an 'Acomb Jewel' - thought to have been buried with a high-status Anglo-Saxon woman during the 7th century.
But Mr Hardcastle was left 'disgusted' when his treasure was valued at just under £3,000 ($3,800) - not the £48,000 ($61,000) similar jewellery had made in the past.
However, despite the valuation being low, Mr Hardcastle may have to sell the jewellery for the low price to The Yorkshire Museum because of British Treasure laws.


Paul Hardcastle told earlier this year how his garden fence in Acomb was damaged in high winds last spring.

His son, a builder, had dug down at least three feet (0.9 metres) to install a replacement fence post when he spotted something green in the ground.

'Then I saw fragments of gold, gleaming in the soil,' he said.

But now experts have valued the treasure at just £2,800 ($3,500).

Mr Hardcastle says he is now going to fight to keep the jewellery rather than sell it for £2,800.

Mr Hardcastle, of York, North Yorkshire, said: 'I am disgusted and insulted by the offer, as when they eventually display it it will be on bill boards and flags at the museum.'
Mr Hardcastle had put the jewellery up for sale on an antiquities website to test what bids he would get and they reached almost £50,000 ($64,000) before he pulled the sale.
He says he is now going to fight to keep the jewellery rather than sell it for £2,800 ($3,500).

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