Detectorist makes a muddy proposal !!

Started by gash, August 26, 2017, 06:31:06 pm

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The hobby of Metal detecting can be many things - But Romantic ?

Detectorist Niall Bailey had a surpise in store for his girlfriend Rachael Weller when She ventured out with Him for Her first metal detecting outing.

Niall had been up the day before with Rachaels Dad Paul and buried an engagement ring at the foot of a tree, He also whittled His and Rachaels initials into the tree !!

Niall tells His story below....

"We Started dating on 3rd July 2016,  Rachael had previously mentioned that she wanted to go metal detecting with Me one day so I suggested she came along to one of my permissions"
"I buried the engagement ring the night before along with a couple of pound coins to really set the machine off I chose to bury it against a old apple tree in a large orchard where i earlier carved our initials R & N into the tree"

"We set off on a beautiful sunny day, I lead Rachael to the area and we turned the machine on, after a couple of minutes she found her first coin a modern 10p! I could not hold out much longer so directed her towards our tree, Rachael started detecting and within seconds the machine started ringing so I passed her the spade and she started to dig... She turned over clod and was happy enough to find a £2 coin! Rachael dug further and found a bag which i advised her to look inside... She started opening out the newspaper that I had wrapped the ring box inside as she undone it She noticed a silver bow as she turned to her left I was waiting on one knee ready to propose"

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