Meet The Detectorist : Martin ‘ Greengrass’Matthews

Started by gash, September 06, 2017, 03:37:49 pm

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This months 'Meet the Detectorist' features youtuber Martin 'Greengrass' Matthews , who after a long lay off caused by injury is back out in the field.

Martin came to prominence with a fanatstic find that he re-united with the Son of the original owner.

Martin tells his story below....

"Hi, my name is Martin Matthews, I come from Carmarthenshire in west wales, born in 1972, I only took up the hobby of metal detecting close to 4 years ago after seeing the diggers treasure hunters tv show, I thought what an interesting hobby, so I purchased a used Garrett ace 250 and some extras and off I went, My first dig saw me finding 3 pennys within a six foot area, a Victoria, a George v and an Edward vii , I was over the moon, couldn't stop looking at them for days. I was hooked."

"Every week I'd go out on sundays finding some great coins well to me they were great to others maybe not, But six months into the hobby everything changed I found something very special"

"On a farm where I played as a child I was now playing as an adult with my detector, I found a pocket watch, due to my inexperience I thought it was brass, until I saw the hall marks, 9ct gold."

"It was inscribed with lots of traceable details. So thats what I did, the local newspaper got involved, I had 2 radio wales interviews, 2 metal detecting magazines published the story, it was big news when I found the family, the watch belonged to a local poet, and councillor, it was missing for over 53yrs."

"I passed the watch to the only remaining son who has now sadly passed away , but it's the best feeling giving back"

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