In 2014 a Detectorist stumbled across a rare Bronze Age Lunula necklace

Started by gash, September 18, 2017, 11:05:34 pm

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Casual treasure hunters have always dreamt of finding something of great value, but most have to be content with broken nails and rusting beer cans. But that fact changed for treasure-hunter David Spohr, who managed to unearth an extremely rare necklace.

The necklace belonging to the Bronze Age is one of the few ever discovered and early estimates peg the value at £20,000 ($33,600). David was on a routine hunt into the Tarrant Valley when he found the 3,500-year-old solid gold lunula - a chest ornament worn mainly by one of the Bronze Age chieftains, reported Daily Mail.

Surprisingly, David didn't have to dig deep. The artifact was located just 10 inches below ground. The rare, near-perfect piece is currently being assessed by experts, but is thought to be worth around £20,000. Owing to the historic significance, it is unlikely that the necklace will be bought by a private collector. The artifact will most likely go to a British Museum.

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