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Started by gash, September 25, 2017, 05:14:22 pm

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I probably took this program from someone online and made slight changes to it, but it helps me a lot! It's for areas that have little iron or trash. It can go veryyy deep, but can also be noisey if there is trash.

Sensitivity 99
- expert= TX power 2 (can go to 3)
Frequency 11.8 (can go to 7.9)
Iron volume 2
Reactivity 1
- expert= Silencer -1
Audio response 5
Notch 00-00
Discrimination 0
- expert= 5 tones
XP Deus 9" coil & 13x11 coil
XP Goldmaxx Power
Whites DFX
Garrett Ace250
Nokta Simplex+

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