Papal seal from 1400s dug up in Shropshire field

Started by gash, September 29, 2017, 05:39:27 pm

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A 15th century papal seal has been discovered in a field in Shropshire.

The lead seal, found on Saturday by a group of American metal detector enthusiasts, was discovered in Oswestry.

t is thought to be one of only nine that have been discovered in the UK.

The holidaying metal detectorists also found a French coin from the reign of Henry II and a Roman pin, thought to be from an ancient manicure set.

The seal, about the size of a 50p piece, is engraved with "PIVS" linking it to the reign of Pope Pius II who was pope from 1458-1464.

It is thought to have been made between 1458 and 1464 and would have been used to stamp documents known as papal bulls.

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