Jersey Coin hoard value to be released

Started by gash, October 28, 2017, 01:15:24 pm

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THE value of Jersey's Celtic Coin Hoard - the largest find of its kind that is estimated to be worth millions - should be announced within weeks, one of the men who discovered it has said.

Metal detectorists Reg Mead and Richard Miles unearthed the ancient trove, which contained around 74,000 coins, as well as gold and silver jewellery, in June 2012 in a field in Grouville, ending a 30-year search for the treasure.

After a five-year wait and a trawl through treasure laws dating back as far as the 11th century, the pair are finally set to find out how much the discovery is worth - and what their reward will be.

Mr Mead said that the least valuable coins in the hoard, which originates from the first century BC, are likely to be worth £100 each, suggesting a valuation of at least £7.4 million, without taking into account the precious jewellery that accompanied the hoard.

He added that under UK law, which is being applied to the case, he, Mr Miles and the landowner of the field in Le Câtillon, Grouville, are entitled to a reward for their find.

'The hoard is owned by the Queen, but we will be entitled to a reward under the Treasure Act 1996,' said Mr Mead.

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