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From Houston to Ft. Worth, from Dallas to Austin, and all towns in between, twenty metal detectorists from the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs (T.A.M.D.C.) converged on Kosse, TX on December 16th in partnership with the Kosse Heritage Society for a T.A.M.D.C. "GIVES BACK" Community Service Project.  The purpose of the event was to help raise awareness and funds for Kosse Heritage Society's, Hearne-Gidden Restoration Project, by recovering historical artifacts from the ground around the historical home. 

In case you didn't know of the T.A.M.D.C., they are a statewide association of eighteen different metal detecting clubs located all over the State of Texas, with a membership of nearly 500 detectorists.  Texas is the only state in the Union that has a statewide association of metal detecting clubs.  The purpose of the T.A.M.D.C. is to start, unite, promote, and encourage metal detecting clubs in Texas, through education and instruction in the recovery and preservation of historical facts, relics, and artifacts.  It is the intent and charter of this association to develop and maintain a positive image for metal detectorists and their activities at local, state, and national levels through performance of selected community service projects, charity projects, annual statewide treasure show, and through adherence to the T.A.M.D.C. code of metal detecting ethics.

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