Mike Haer: First impression of the Makro Multi-Kruzer

Started by gash, April 09, 2018, 08:26:42 am

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I got the Makro Kruzer at the end of this past week and didn't have a chance to get out with it which was killing me! I read through the manual every chance I got. The first thing I noticed was how well it's written. Breaking down all the programs and settings, supplying you with all the information you need to learn the Kruzer. The next thing I started to notice was just how similar it is to the Nokta Impact. I had heard rumors that it was very similar to the Impact which made me very happy considering the Impact is one of my all-time favorite metal detectors I've ever had the chance to use.

I was hoping to get out Sunday but with Easter it just didn't happen. I was talking to a friend who told me he had heard the Kruzer wouldn't go very deep and he was really curious. Well, that made me curious and I had to get out and give it a try myself. I ran out to the field next to me armed with 3 dimes. I planted one at 6 inches deep and the Makro Kruzer picked it up with no problem in every program and I was amazed at how far above the ground I was still picking it up as I raised my coil.

Next I planted an 8 inch coil. In every program, once again it picked it up good but only one way, scratchy when I turned 90 degrees. For me I was already impressed, I suspected I got the 8 inch coin on edge when I put the dirt back in but I was still impressed. I decided since I brought 3 dimes out I was going to bury another one, this one at 10 inches. I will be honest I wasn't expecting for a second I would be able to detect the 10 inch dime, that's extreme depths especially for a freshly buried coin. Sure enough it hit it and solid both ways in every program except I don't recall trying beach mode on that test, I will have to try again soon. I would also like to mention these are legit measurements using a tape measure, no guessing!

A few things that really excited me about this metal detector was the option for an external battery and I love how they designed it to plug into the headphone jack then is mounted under the arm cuff. If you want to hook up the headphones the jack will now be in the batter, excellent idea! Wireless headphones, I hate being tethered to my detector and after using the wireless headphones I absolutely love them. Lightweight, comfortable and sound great, what an excellent match and I did not find ANY lag! I'm getting old and I tend to like lighter metal detectors and the weight of the Kruzer is impressive, very well balanced as well.

With roughly 4 hours on a new detector I would never even begin to discuss it. This is a little different situation though. I mentioned I had heard rumors it's a lightweight, waterproof Impact and I have to agree it shares many features (here is my Impact review). In a lot of cases I wouldn't like that but since the Impact is one of my all time favorite detectors it makes this guy very happy. It doesn't have all the features as the Impact but what it does share is the tones, great ID ability and depth... just like the Impact, the kruzer will go DEEP!

With only a few hours on the Makro Kruzer I am sold! I had so much fun with it out yesterday and it was nice that it shares so many of the features of the Impact since I now have many hours on the Impact and understand it well, I took to the Kruzer very easy. It was nice not having a big learning curve and being able to just go out and detect.

Although this is not a review I will say this is an absolute great metal detector but being that it's a Makro, no big surprise there! At this point I couldn't be more impressed, the Kruzer offers everything I want in a metal detector and more at a very affordable price. Congratulations to Makro for hitting another one out of the park!
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