Discuss The Benefits Of Metal Detectorists

Started by gash, March 09, 2016, 09:34:37 pm

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Discuss The Benefits Of Metal Detectorists To The Archaeological Community. By Alison Smith BA (Hons)

This essay will discuss the benefits of metal Detectorists to the archaeological community by examining the various methods undertaken by metal Detectorists of assisting archaeologists in excavations, the recovery and rescue of many coins and artefacts from the destruction of modern farming practices and also assisting in the recovery of discarded jewelry. The essay will discuss the case studies of the Staffordshire Hoard, the Frome Hoard and the Snettisham Hoard, all of which metal Detectorists discoveredand who are also assisting with research projects on hoard sites. The essay will also discuss how a responsible metal detectorist is a useful resource in assisting the archaeological community, through the personal communications with an amateur and two professional metal detectorists. The essay will conclude with how an important resource a metal detectorist is in the recovery of important finds of hoards, coins and artefacts.
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