Two lots of buried treasure found in Gloucestershire fields

Started by gash, August 20, 2018, 05:26:59 pm

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Lucky metal detectorists have unearthed two lots of buried treasure in fields around Gloucestershire recently.

Hundreds of 16th and 17th century coin clippings and a medieval silver stirrup-shaped finger ring have both been declared treasure trove by a coroner.

John Feenan found the ring in a field at Highnam and the silver coin clippings were found by enthusiasts Gavin and Adrian Warren in a pasture in Littledean.

They may look like trash to the untrained eye but the detectorists knew they had stumbled on another man's treasure.

And Gloucestershire coroner Katy Skerrett agreed they had found a piece of Gloucestershire history worth preserving.

Coin clippings were shavings of coins kept for profit to be saved and melted into bullion or used to make new coins at a later date.

It is thought that clippings were probably deposited after the 1690s. They were found in a pasture in Littledean buried about 15cm deep.

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