Metal detecting enthusiast finds British coin from 1826

Started by gash, January 18, 2019, 12:00:24 pm

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Local metal detecting hobbyist Darren Vick has struck historical gold, digging up a British coin from 1826.
The fossicking enthusiast, who regularly combs Port Macquarie beaches as a way to de-stress after work uncovered the 1826 British half penny at Stuart Park, off Woods Street on Sunday, January 13.
"Its a bit of excitement, but I get excited anytime I find something," he said.
"When I see things like this you'll know they're old because they're so crusted... before I cleaned it you couldn't tell what it was."
The coin which features a robed laureate bust of King George IV and a helmed Britannia holding a trident and an olive branch against a shield, was minted in England out of copper and could be worth about $8 in very good condition now.
"From what I can read off google its not worth that much but to me its worth a million bucks because its old," he said.
"Some people could be doing this for 30 years and not find a coin this old, I just happened to be in the right place because the place I went to had somebody there having a picnic."

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