11 amazing treasures found using metal detectors in Ireland

Started by gash, January 18, 2019, 01:12:13 pm

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There's nothing quite like heading out for the day with a metal detector. It's exciting to think it might be the big one this time - who knows what lies beneath the soil, sand, and waves?
Ireland is rich in history. We've inhabited this land for thousands of years and we've left a trail of objects, buildings, and burials along the way.

The laws around metal detecting are strict in Ireland, but some staggering finds have been uncovered none-the-less. 

Here are the most incredible metal detecting finds in Ireland to set your pulse racing.

Ardglass Golden Fish
In 2014 Barry Shannon found a 7th century golden fish in his aunt's Ardglass field. The ornate three-inch long fish head was buried a foot beneath the soil.

Experts think its part of a belt buckle from the early medieval period, but it's not of Irish origin - specialists from Cambridge University have identified the find as Anglo-Saxon.

The Anglo-Saxons didn't settle in Ireland, so this treasure was probably the result of trade or of early Christians spreading faith between England and Ireland.

Downpatrick Gold Bulla
An intricate bulla was unearthed with a metal detector on farmland outside Downpatrick in 2008. This tiny golden locket from the Bronze age dates to 800BC.

The bulla measures only 3 centimetres but its intricate decoration means it was a highly prized item both then and now. There have only ever been seven found across Ireland.

Experts think a bulla was threaded with a leather strap and worn as a sacred necklace.

Read more  :  https://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/metal-detecting-ireland-history?fbclid=IwAR2GZTXaDt55WsrsJDWJZ8OepZCC_C9yY_6KxL-my9-PRS5MjRAy_tQQt9Q
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