SHIPWRECK MYSTERY: Ghostly ship RE-EMERGES more than 120 years after sinking

Started by gash, January 18, 2019, 01:15:57 pm

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Beachcombers on Barafundle Bay in west Wales spotted the mysterious debris after recent storms in the area. Maritime historian Ted Goddard said the wreckage usually appears once a decade. He said: "The Barafundle wreck appears every ten years or so when the sea and weather conditions cut away the sand at the beach to reveal ship's timbers, a windlass and an anchor."
Mr Goddard said: "It's believed to be a ship which ran on to rocks at Stackpole Head and drifted ashore on to Barafundle beach, between the 1880s and early 1900s."

He said he believed the wreckage could be part of the Sea King which was hit by gale force winds on route to Brazil from Cardiff laden with 1,900 tonnes of coal in 1896.

Speaking after the disaster, Norwegian captain Gattorn Olsen said: "All went well until it commenced to blow a gale.

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