New discovery hints English wouldn’t take Scots money 400 years ago

Started by gash, January 18, 2019, 01:24:52 pm

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Ancient Scottish coins have been found along the River Thames in London - suggesting that the English have long been suspicious of currency from north of the border. The coins, featuring Mary, Queen of Scots, and King James VI, date back more than 400 years and are believed to have been discarded by wary retailers. "Shopkeepers may not have recognised it or feared its worth," said expert Lara Maiklem, who chanced upon the Mary, Queen of Scots coin.  "It had likely been thrown away by the owner after they were unable to find anyone to accept it. I have had the same problems with a Scottish tenner in London." For the last 20 years Lara has spent hours every week scouring the mud on the banks of the Thames for historic flotsam and jetsam in a tradition known as "mudlarking". The Mary, Queen of Scots, "hard coin" was worth one penny ha'penny.

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