Largest collection of Roman civil war coins’ found at Edge Hill

Started by gash, February 19, 2019, 04:37:25 pm

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The largest ever collection of Roman coins from a period of civil war from AD 68-69 was found at an archaeological site near Edge Hill, it has been revealed today (Monday, February 18).

The 78 silver denarii coins were uncovered in a collection of 440 pieces found buried in a ceramic pot during a dig in 2015 but it has only just been made public because of the hoard's rarity.

Market Hall Museum in Warwick is hoping to raised £62,000 in four months to acquire the coins from the British Museum to have them displayed alongside the first hoard found in 2008. Cllr Dave Reilly, portfolio holder for heritage and culture at Warwickshire County Council, said: "This is an amazingly important find for Warwickshire and our Roman past. "Bringing the hoard back to the county and the Market Hall Museum will mean that Warwickshire's residents can enjoy them for generations to come. "The international significance of some of the coins in this hoard will increase visitors not only to Warwick, but the wider county, which can only contribute to our key objective of making the Warwickshire economy vibrant."

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