Metal detectorist destroys 5,000-year-old tomb while digging for treasure

Started by gash, March 14, 2019, 11:19:43 pm

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A heritage site from the Stone Age has been wrecked after a metal detector user went hunting for artefacts. The man was spotted furiously digging at the Grade-I listed La Hougue de Vinde dolmen in Jersey, leaving a series of holes at the centre of the chamber. The Neolithic site consists of a circular group of stones surrounded by a rubble wall near the southern tip of the Channel Island.

Heritage organisations in the area said they were 'shocked and saddened' by the damage that appeared to be for 'personal gain'.  An inspection found both back-filled metal detecting holes and targeted digging all over the site, particularly in the earthen banks and at the base of upright stones. Jersey's 13 dolmens are free to access by the public - making them vulnerable to public damage without illegal activity taking place. Olive oil can help clean earwax without damaging your ear drums The single-chamber stone tombs, built by Neolithic people, include standing stones, passage graves and gallery burials. They La Hougue de Vinde monument has previously been damaged by stone robbers, while last year an ancient tomb was disturbed, and had to be cordoned off as a result. In 2015 a Neolithic grave was vandalised with graffiti, but the person responsible eventually came forward and apologised when a heritage group posted pictures on Facebook. Jersey Police said no-one had reported this latest incident to them. The site is 5,000 years old  Heritage organisations are now appealing to members of the public to report any suspicious activity they see at the island's ancient sites. President of Jersey Metal Detecting Ken Rive, condemned any illegal metal detecting activity. 'We believe in responsible metal detecting that abides by legal restrictions and ensures that any finds can be properly researched and recorded,' he said. 'We would ask anyone unsure of the permissions required to metal detect in Jersey to contact the club as soon as possible.'

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