Detectorist, 27, discovers an 800-year-old brooch

Started by gash, May 07, 2019, 10:59:32 am

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  • Tom Lucking uncovered an 800-year-old brooch while on metal detecting rally

  • He said that he 'sat and admired it for a while in a field' after brushing off the soil

  • It comes five years after he found an Anglo-Saxon gold pendant worth £145,000

A detectorist has uncovered an 800-year-old brooch five years after finding an Anglo-Saxon gold pendant worth £145,000.

Tom Lucking came across the silver and amethyst brooch while out on a 'metal detecting rally' on some recently ploughed farmland in Wymondham, Norfolk.

The 27-year-old, who enjoys metal detecting in his spare time, said he 'sat and admired it for a while in a field' after brushing off the soil.

'It could be wearable as jewellery today, if you wanted to. It's a really nice example of a medieval brooch.'

Dozens attended the rally in which the farmer opens up his fields to keen detectorists in exchange for a charity donation.

'A lot of us were drawn to one particular field because we knew there was a medieval moat in the corner,' Mr Lucking added.

'This was 150 metres away from the moat site though. It really was a case of luck, as I could have walked a yard either side and missed it.'

The commercial archaeologist said it seemed he was nearly beaten to the treasure.

He said: 'It looked like somebody had already gone by before, and kicked the top of the soil off - as if they had had the signal and not bothered. I dug down, 5-6in, and the back of the object appeared first. When I turned it over I saw the settings - then the lions appeared.'

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