Skint dad finds solid-gold nugget worth £20k while walking with his daughters

Started by gash, May 18, 2019, 11:59:35 am

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SKINT dad found a lump of gold worth £20,000 while walking with his family and their dog called Lucky.

He was walking on the outskirts of Bendigo, Australia, when his daughter stumbled across the nugget and asked: "Dad, is this gold?"

The dad-of-two, who wants to remain anonymous, told the Bendigo Advertiser: "I actually walked right past it but my daughter pretty much kicked it as she was walking.

"She then goes, 'Dad, is this gold?'. I said, 'I think it might be'.''
He headed to the supermarket to weigh the gold and it came in at 20 ounces.

He said: "We couldn't find anywhere to properly weigh it.

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