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Started by Goldhunter, June 02, 2019, 11:59:05 pm

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Hi all, been detecting for about 8 years, not been out much recently due to work comitments. Upgraded from Ace250 to a XP Deua. Looking for recommendations on some good programs to try.

Cheers in advance


Hi Goldhunter and welcome to the forum, I'm not a xp deus user but Gash is I'm sure he will have some good advice for you.


Welcome to the forum Goldhunter, you have picked a good machine to move with. There are many programs out there it will all depend on the ground you are searching, at the moment i am using Gary's Sonar prog. Best way would be to start on Fast Deus and see how you go, learn to tweak you machine to your own settings. Good luck on the hunting, anymore questions, have a search through the posts on here, if no help then post in a revelant board, pretty sure someone will be able to answer any question you may have.

Happy Hunting
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Cheers for that   :)

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