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Deus Program - For sites with low to moderate iron content

Deus Program - For sites with low to moderate iron content

Started by gash, June 03, 2019, 11:55:00 pm

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For sites with low to moderate iron content

For use with Coils:       9" - 11" and 13" X 11" coils

This is a two tone program that worked a treat when tested on in ground targets out in the field, why use more than two tones, even if you have 3/4 tones your going to dig all but the low iron tone anyway, so where's the point, just leave the low iron tones, and dig the high tones, if you get a mixed high/low tone, scrape some soil away to get closer to the target, also check any iffy signals at 90 degree's, another trick to suss out an iffy signal is to approach the target with the front of the coil, as the front of the coil comes up to the target and it gives a low tone, you can be pretty sure it's an iron target, and if that doesn't help dig it out. Just to add to the above, you may prefer to set the "Iron Volume" to 0, which then gives us a one tone program, it's just personal preference, either way performance is the same, please choose the correct software version

1.        [Discrimination]................. 4.8                  [Expert]................ 2 Tones

[Tone 1]......202Hz (Low Tone) = 0 - 5.0       [Tone 2]....710Hz (High Tone) = 4.8 - 99

2.        [Sensitivity].......... 86                                   [Expert]    TX.......... 3

Set sensitivity according to ground conditions and local interference levels, ideally it should be set high enough to cause the machine to become erratic, then back off until stable, if you have to reduce the sens to 80 or below, then it's best to reduce the TX to 2, then increase the sens to suit.

3.        [Frequency].............. 17.606                      [Expert]........ Frequency Shift

This program was devised to be used exclusively at 18 Khz, but can be set to 12 Khz if you have problems identifying iron.

4.        [Iron Volume]............... 3   (or personal choice.)

Iron Volume can be set to 0 this will eliminate the "Low Tones" without loss of  performance.
5.        [Reactivity]................ 2                                 [Expert].......... Silencer 0

( Reactivity on 2 is plenty fast enough on sites with low to moderate iron contamination )

6.        [Audio Response]...... 5                                 [Expert]........ Audio  Overload 1

Reducing audio response to 3/4 will give better definition of the depth of a target, also reduce Audio R if a high setting distorts the audio.

7.        [Notch]............ 00-00                                     [Expert].............  Notch Setup

I wouldn't be tempted to use the notch on ancient sites, as you risk eliminating good targets.

8.        [Ground Balance]. Tracking         [Ground Notch].............. 87 - 90

 In tracking mode, each time you have retrieved a target, swing the coil over the ground a few times so the tracking can recalibrate before moving on, also if you find the machine starts to chatter slightly while in tracking mode, just pump the coil a couple of times to recalibrate, this usually happens on very bad ground.
XP Deus 9" coil & 13x11 coil
XP Goldmaxx Power
Whites DFX
Garrett Ace250
Nokta Simplex+

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