Metal Detecting Tips & Tricks You Haven't Considered

Started by gash, June 04, 2019, 12:02:58 am

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Every detectorist wants to continue to get better and better at hunting and finding treasures. They do so through experience, of course - the more you hunt, the more you find, and the better you get at it. But, you can also learn a lot from the experiences of others, so that you have even more information at hand, and sooner. The following list are some tips you may not have considered that might just help you get better at detecting sooner rather than later.

Don't Abandon Iffy Signals
Digging the signals that don't sound encouraging or that you don't think indicate anything of value can prove to be worth your time. Sometimes those iffy targets turn out to be something great, so if you have the time, dig them. If it doesn't turn out to be anything worthwhile, then at least you're clearing the surface junk away for a more rewarding return hunting trip.

Carry Extra Batteries
There's nothing worse than having to cut a hunting trip short because you run out of batteries. Always carry an extra set of new batteries with you. The batteries that you have in your equipment are going to run out sometime, being prepared will save you the hassle of having to stop searching to go buy more.

Take an Extra Metal Detector
All detectorists know that the first step to hunting a site is to obtain permission to search there. Next time you ask a property owner for permission and you get some push back, ask them to join you (if you have an extra detector). They are likely to be intrigued, and that will make them more likely to say yes.

There is No Such Thing as "Hunted Out"
Never discount a site because it's been "hunted out." If a site has produced significant finds already, it's probable that there is more treasure there. Changing the depth and sensitivity settings on your detector may help you locate more finds.

Pack Your Tool Box for Every Trip
Maybe you've only got enough time to search a small area sometimes so you don't think you need to take all your gear. But it really is worth it to have all of your tools packed and ready to go, and to take them all with you every time. It's better to have the specific tool you need, than to wish you had it when you're out hunting.

Rescan and Re-dig to Find More
Don't stop just because you find one target when you dig. Take a few extra minutes and dig a little deeper and use your pinpointer to see if there is anything else there. This tip is especially useful when you find coins - where there is one, there is often more.

Use a Frisbee When Digging
Whenever you dig for a target, you want to be able to fill in the hole, leaving it looking as close to what it looked like before you dug as you can. Some detectorists use a piece of fabric or paper to place the dirt that they dig out so that it's easy to dump it back into the hole when they are done. A Frisbee turned upside down works even better for that, and it can be washed and reused forever.

Hunt After Rain
Next time you have some rain, try going out searching while the ground is still wet. This helps detectorists in two ways. First, it's much easier to dig in wet dirt than hard, dry dirt. And second, wet ground provides better conductivity so you may be able to detect targets that are buried deeper.

You'll come up with your own tips and tricks as you gain more experience detecting. Be sure that you take the time to share them with your fellow detectorists; they will appreciate it.
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