Roman coin sells at auction for large amount

Started by gash, June 09, 2019, 03:02:13 pm

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Incredible 2,300-year-old Roman coin emblazoned with the face of 'the first Brexiteer' sells for £550,000 at auction after being spotted by an amateur metal detectorists

A stunning gold coin emblazoned with the face of Roman Emperor Allectus - the first Brexiteer who took Britain out of the Roman Empire - has sold for a staggering £550,000.

The incredibly rare coin was found by an unnamed treasure hunter as he searched a newly-ploughed field next to an old Roman road near Dover, Kent.

It was purchased by an enthusiast, also unnamed, and is worth far more now than it was when it was minted 1,700 years ago.

Known as an Aureus, the 24 carat gold coin has just one matching example in the world which is in the British Museum and is thought to have been worth 25 pure silver dinarii.

The coin depicts a noble-looking Allectus on one face and on the flip side has two captives kneeling at the feet of Apollo.

When it was found in April this year, experts expected it to sell at auction for £100,000 ($130,000), a fraction of what it sold for today.

The 30-year-old finder initially thought the coin was fake due to its condition until it weighed in at a hefty 4.31 grams - confirming its provenance.

It dates back to 293AD and the reign of Emperor Allectus - the first Brexiteer who took Britain out of the Roman Empire. 

The coin, the first Allectus example to be discovered in 50 years, is roughly the size of a one penny piece.

The detectorist said: 'This really is the find of a lifetime for me and the greatest discovery I have made by miles.

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