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Ghosts "Fox" Program

Started by gash, June 09, 2019, 10:57:37 pm

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Spent the last 6 weeks altering every setting to get to a programme I think can't be bettered, certainly on my sites in the north east and in Lincolnshire.
First thing.... don't touch ground balance , leave it at 90
Disc at 0, still don't understand the need to go into the minus discrimination, pointless for me.
Tones is a personal thing, I go for 5
Multi tones is an easy option if you don't want to set your own tones and breaks .
Frequency set to 18... no need to go lower, this programme will go as deep as 8 but still tack sharp on the small silver hammered at depth.
Sensitivity set at 94, drop down in the field to 92 if it's too chattery......Go into expert and up the tx power to 3... a fully charged set up will still last 8 hours or more .
Iron is at 0... you will still hear where it is .
Reactivity ..the most important setting on the deus, set to 2...no higher not even 2.5, the depth loss is frightening over 2,
Silencer -1
Audio response I set to 5, I want to hear everything and not accidentally miss a deeper target, setting to 4 will give you an idea about target depth..but I personally don't care how deep it is, I just don't want to miss it .
Save is as fox and give it a go   

The important factors are tx3 and reactivity 2
This powers deep into the ground , reduces battery life but still lasts a full day no problem .

Good or bad feedback let me know, I had every other popular known programme running at the same time , checking targets on each and fox seemed to be better on every target .
Only downside I found was deep iron giving a good target , but most machines will do that anyway .

Good luck 

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