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Sword found 30 years ago - Amazing find

Started by gash, June 23, 2019, 12:00:35 am

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A sword discovered 30 years ago in Shropshire's mysterious Caynton caves has been identified as a precious 13th Century weapon potentially belonging to a member of the Knights Templar.

Mark Lawton found the rusty blade in the man-made underground chambers near Beckbury in the late 1980s, taking it home with him and keeping it on his windowsill.

He only discovered its true origins when he decided to send the unusual object to local auctioneers to have it evaluated.

Until Mr Lawton's incredible find came to light, there had been little to connect the grotto to the fabled group.

Some historians claimed the skilled fighting force used the caves for sandstone, while others said it was formed by quarrying during the mid-19th century.

Mr Lawton said of his discovery: 'I was teaching at a local residential school at the time and took the sword into my workshop to show the boys.

'I left it overnight and the care staff allowed the lads to try and "clean it up" as a nice surprise for me - hence the file marks and varnish in some places.

'I have never done anything with it. It has been sitting on my windowsill ever since.'

Militaria specialist Caroline Dennard of Halls Fine Art, in Shrewsbury, certified the sword as being of 13th Century origin, likely carried by a Knight, and possibly even a Templar.

Ms Dennard said: 'This is certainly a rare object and one which has all the hallmarks of a genuine sword from the 13th Century.

'In populated areas knights were the only people authorised by the King to carry weapons so it is a probable assumption that this was owned and carried by a Knight - and perhaps, given the discovery in Caynton caves in Shifnal, even a Templar.'

Full story here  :  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7163479/Sword-Shropshires-mysterious-Caynton-caves-actually-belongs-13thC-Knights-Templar.html?fbclid=IwAR3ls8TId8hl56YXW2aHepkSSVDx-823g2KdzCol6JVEHqpgOr_hVx26sIU
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