Mystery as pagan altar and symbol unearthed in Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park

Started by gash, June 23, 2019, 12:07:47 am

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Two mysterious pagan objects have been removed from a secluded part of Holyrood Park after they were uncovered by chance, the Evening News can reveal.

Archaeologists were called in after the remains of a concrete "altar" and a pagan metal plaque were discovered on Whinny Hill above St Margaret's Loch.

The ornate metal plaque, which experts have confirmed to the Evening News as likely to be pagan, was found embedded in the ground within a sod of turf cut in a triangle shape. It depicted two figures - a male figure with horns and a female figure in a surrender pose - set within a pentagram within a circle.

The pentagram is a recognised symbol of paganism and is also used in devil worship.

The second find was a concrete "altar" with display objects found next to the plinth. Both were buried beneath topsoil.

Specialists were called in by park guardians Historic Environment Scotland after the bizarre items were found in May last year.

But, even more curiously, according to a new report compiled by Musselburgh-based firm CFA Archaeology Ltd and seen by the Evening News, both had been removed "by persons unknown" at some point before they investigated the site in April this year, leaving just the concrete plinth and holes in the turf.

Mark Black, president of the UK Pagan Council, said the plaque was mostly likely pagan after the images of the find were shown to him yesterday.

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