Kindergarteners Stumbled Across This 5,600-Year-Old Burial Mound.

Started by gash, June 26, 2019, 09:31:01 pm

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Kindergarten: It's a magical place where children learn fun new ways to play together, sing together, and - for some lucky tots in the south of France - dig up the first bits of 5,600-year-old human remains together.

That's what happened, more or less, in 2006, when a group of schoolchildren in the town of Saint-Laurent-M├ędoc accidentally dug up some bits of old bone in their kindergarten playground. It turns out that part of their school was built on top of an ancient burial mound which, early analysis suggested, held human remains that were thousands of years old. Now, a new study of the mound -- known as Le Tumulus des Sables -- reveals that the site is far older and far more crowded than previously thought.

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