Chedworth Roman glass fish 'exceptionally rare'

Started by gash, July 22, 2019, 11:06:55 pm

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A piece of a rare Roman fish-shaped glass bottle has been identified, two years after it was found by an archaeologist in Gloucestershire.

The shard of 1,800-year-old coloured glass, with a fish scale pattern, was found at Chedworth Roman Villa in 2017.

Experts say it came from a bottle that may have contained perfume, and was imported from what is now Crimea.

The piece was finally identified because it was similar to an item on display in New York.

Experts took two years to identify the type of bottle it came from due to its "exceptional rarity", a spokesperson for the National Trust, which owns the villa, said.

The only other example of such a fish-shaped Roman bottle comes from a 2nd-Century burial in Crimea.

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