Top archaeologist explains ancient finds found at Llangefni college campus

Started by gash, August 01, 2019, 09:02:42 pm

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ASTONISHING finds dating back more than 1,600 years discovered on a Llangefni college site were revealed to the public by a top international archaeologist.

Dr Irene Garcia Rovira, of Archaeology Wales, gave a series of free talks last week to explain some of the items found during part of an archaeological dig at Coleg Menai's Pencraig Campus.

The experts have revealed dozens of 'Cist' style graves and skeletons in "astonishingly good preservation." Finds also include a Quernstone surface, revealed on the western side of an early medieval cemetery by Archaeology Wales.

Other finds include a 2nd century AD Roman coin, and some decorative native bronze Celtic items.

Irene said: "Results so far are for just one half of the site, and that the true picture will not be gained until both Archaeology Wales and Brython Archaeology combine the two sides of the excavation into a single publication.

"From our half of the site, it is quite interesting that the earliest dates show that the first use of the cemetery go almost as far back as the Roman departure of Wales.

"Isotope analyses show that some individuals are not from Anglesey, and include two examples from Scandinavia and two from Iberia."

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