Archaeologists discover an Anglo-Saxon royal manor in a pub beer garden

Started by gash, August 06, 2019, 09:48:37 pm

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Fifteen years after the beginning of their search, archaeologists finally found an elusive Anglo-Saxon royal manor dating 600-700AD - in a pub beer garden.

Keyhole excavation from last year showcased the site as an important one, but archaeologists had no idea what they would find in the beer garden of the Market Inn pub until they finished their comprehensive dig last month.

Among the treasured items found were a "royal rubbish dump" holding "masses" of wild boar and deer bones, the leftovers from the kings feasts, and "grass-tempered" pottery .

Customers watched on
Pub licensees David and Sue Pott invited the history buffs to rummage through the soil at their traditional Kent drinking hole, in Faversham, while customers watched on.

With human remains dating back to the end of the ice age, Faversham is much older than tidal Canterbury and could even be England's oldest human settlement.

Mr Pott said: "I knew that these guys had been looking for Saxon finds in Faversham for a while, in particular the so-called Kings Manor.

"I suspected there might be some evidence of human activity near the pub, but I don't think anybody expected anything on this scale."

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