Archaeologists dig up 6,500 bodies from burial ground to make way for HS2

Started by gash, September 22, 2019, 11:08:03 pm

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Archaeologists dug up 6,500 bodies from an ancient burial ground while making way for the HS2 railway station in Birmingham.

Footage shows a team of 70 experts completing the controversial excavation of the 19th-century site over a 12-month period where the Curzon Street station is to be built.
Archaeologists are now starting to examine the skeletons in closer detail, alongside artefacts discovered including figurines, coins, toys and necklaces.

Nameplates were also found and the team will combine research of historical documents, such as parish records and wills, with analysis of the skeletons, to develop detailed biographies of the individuals.

Full areticle and video :
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