Metal detectorist finds 'priceless' pure gold snake necklace from 200AD

Started by gash, September 29, 2019, 07:10:15 pm

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A man with a metal detector has found a priceless piece of jewellery made of pure gold dating from the third century AD.

Weighing almost seven ounces, Jegor Klimov said he shrieked with delight when he dug the royal necklace, which depicts a snake, from the ground on the Estonian island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea.

"It was a pretty decent war cry echoing through the forests," he said.

In all he found 70 remarkable valuables dating from 1,700 years ago in the treasure stash, including amber brooches, some made from silver and gold.

He had been helping archeologists but the team had given up looking for new finds.

Then he got a faint signal.
Archeologist Marika M├Ągi said the find is the most valuable ever discovered in Estonia, and is of huge significance.

However no financial value other than "priceless" has been put on the elaborately decorated jewellery made from pure gold.

The finds show ancient connections to the territories of modern day Russia and Scandinavia, say archeologists.

"This is a very old neck decoration, dating to 1,700 years ago," said Klimov.

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