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Hoard’s value ‘too low’

Started by gash, October 18, 2019, 11:15:52 am

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A TREASURE hunter who discovered the famous Alton Hoard is challenging the British Museum who, he says, may have been "mistaken" over the original valuation.

Peter Beasley, a metal detector fan from Waterlooville, and his friend, Peter Murphy, dug up the hoard in a field at Privett, near Alton, in March 1996.

Together with the farmer on whose land the hoard was found, they received £103,000 for the find - less than half the £256,000 experts believe it was worth.

According to Mr Beasley, the trio were entitled to the "historical value" but they are now led to believe that this sum fell far short of that, and they are urging Prime Minister Teresa May to trigger a review.

Declared 'treasure trove' at an inquest at Alton Magistrates' Court in May 1996, the hoard itself consisted of 256 Celtic stater coins of pure gold, as well as a solid gold arm torque and a Roman Caesar ring - estimated by academics to be some of the oldest Roman jewellery ever found in this country.

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