Metal detectorist discovers a huge Roman villa

Started by gash, November 05, 2019, 10:16:00 pm

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An enormous Roman villa has been found beneath a field in Oxfordshire packed with trophies, including coins and boar tusks alongside a sarcophagus containing the skeletal remains of an unnamed woman.

Amateur detectorist and historian Keith Westcott discovered the ancient remains beneath a crop in a field near Broughton Castle near Banbury. A team of archaeologists excavated the remains of the historic building, which is bigger than the mausoleum at the Taj Mahal, as part of a 4-month excavation project.

The foundations measure 85metre by 85metre (278ft x 278ft) - the 2nd largest ever discovered in Britain - and date back to 99 AD. The mausoleum at the Taj Mahal is 57metre x 57metre (187ft x 187ft).

The land previously belonged to Lord and Lady Saye and Sele, the parent of Martin Fiennes, who now owns the land. He works as a principal at Oxford Sciences Innovation and is 2nd cousin of British explorer Ranulph Fiennes and third cousin of actors Ralph and Joseph Fiennes.

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