Beach detecting terminologies, cut and low spot

Started by gash, November 25, 2019, 11:05:57 pm

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Beach detecting terminologies, cut and low spot

- The cut
The orange arrow shows the cut, a grove worn into the natural slope of the beach by wave or in this instance by rip currents due to wind. They can run any direction at any point in the beach.
Be aware that some are prone to flooding as the tide pushes into the lower areas and can leave you cut off From the main sand

-The low spot or spot erosion.
The added bonus to this cut is the low spot at the end of it, the area of loose rock has had its sand stripped, in this case its been done over a series of tides resulting in smaller rocks and finds just working there way down rather than being deposited to other areas of the beach. These spots will often produce more finds in closer proximity and is hard but rewarding digging, This particular cut/ low spot produced around 200 coins, junk rings and the usual rubbish associated with beach detecting.
Word of warning, if you find one, hammer it as they can appear and disappear in a matter of tides.

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