Builder finds huge haul of 99 Anglo Saxon coins

Started by gash, December 06, 2019, 12:05:18 pm

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A huge haul of Anglo Saxon coins dating back to the end of the very first millennium are going to auction and could fetch up to £50,000.

Don Crawley, a builder and keen metal detectorist, was stunned after he stumbled across 99 silver pennies on a farmer's land in Suffolk which were buried back in 999AD.

The British Museum examined the coins and confirmed they were silver pennies from the reign of English King Aethelred II from AD 978-1016.

It is thought the hoard was buried by a pilgrim who, worried about the impending apocalypse of the millennium, tried to repent their sins.

Don later discovered that the land he found the pennies on had housed a Saxon church which had been dismantled by the Normans in the 11th century.
The builder, who discovered the coins back in March, 2017, explained: 'It was my first visit to this farmers land in Suffolk.

'After walking up an incline in the field, my Deus detector gave off a strong signal and within a short space of time I had recovered 93 coins.

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