Britain’s most exciting’ mystery solved after 4,000 years

Started by gash, January 21, 2020, 11:35:04 pm

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In 2004, Wessex Archaeologists Ltd were called in by architects to excavate land at Cliffs End Farm prior to building a new housing development. Suspicions were heightened after earlier investigations showed that the site had been occupied during the early and late Bronze Age, between 2,400BC and 700BC and again in the early Saxon period of 400AD to 600AD. But what archaeologists found came to be dubbed "Britain's most exciting historical discovery," as numerous deposits of human remains were found alongside near-complete carcasses of animals in what was believed to be ritual burials.
Now, more than a decade later, archaeologist Tori Herridge pieced together the exact contents of these mass graves during Channel 4's "Bone Detectives" series.
She said during Saturday's show: "It's hard to believe, but beneath this estate lies one of Britain's most exciting historical discoveries.

"Back in 2004, when these houses were still drawings on an architect's plan and this whole area was a farmer's field, archaeologists were called in.

"What they found was an extraordinary complex of structures, a deep oval-shaped pit and a disturbing collection of bones, human bones.

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