Metal Detectorist Finds Rare Lost Roman Lead Ingot in Wales

Started by gash, June 28, 2020, 08:47:17 am

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A metal detectorist in Wales, Great Britain, has made an important discovery. He unearthed a large lead ingot, inscribed and dated to the time of Roman rule. This find is providing experts more evidence regarding the history of mining in Britain which was essential for the economy and society of the Roman Empire.

This important discovery was made by Rob Jones, with the help of a metal detector in a field near Wrexham in North Wales. The detectorist unearthed the ingot and he immediately realized that it was of possible historical significance. He alerted the local finds officer, from Wrexham Museum, as is required by law. Then a team of local experts investigated the lead ingot .

Mining in Britannia for the Growing Roman Empire
The object is about 18 inches long (0.45 meters) and weighs a hefty 63 kilograms (139 lbs). The ingot is of a type known as a 'pig' according to the Shropshire Star . On the ingot they found an inscription that was written in Latin and, assuming it is genuine, this definitively dated the object to the time of the Roman Empire. The find is exceedingly rare, only 100 similar objects have been found in Britain.

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