Coroner declares historic discoveries found in Shropshire as treasure

Started by gash, August 25, 2020, 11:31:51 am

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The two finds, a late Medieval silver gilt finger ring, and a gold amulet case, are the latest fascinating historic discoveries in Shropshire.

The amulet case dates back to the Roman period, while the finger ring is believed to have dated from 1250 and 1400 AD.

Peter Reavill, finds liaison officer and small finds archaeologist for the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme, said that despite dating from different periods, both items were intended to offer their owners "divine protection".

A treasure inquest heard that the Medieval silver finger ring was found in the Craven Arms area by Mark Davies, who was using a metal detector at the time.
Coroner John Ellery read from a report from the British Museum, which said the ring bears an inscription reading "AVE MARIA GRATIA PL", which translates as "Hail Mary full of grace".

Because it has a precious metal (silver) makeup of at least 10 per cent and is more than 300 years old, it qualified as treasure and Mr Ellery declared it as such.

The Roman gold ring was found near Condover by Laura Wood. It is believed to date to the third or fourth century.

It weighs 7.6g and because of its age and composition of precious metal, it was also declared treasure.

Mr Reavill said that examples from Europe indicate that the Roman amulet could have been intended to offer protection to women giving birth.

A similar piece was previously discovered in Eaton Constantine.

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