Students in Rangely get ready for metal treasure hunt

Started by gash, April 09, 2016, 09:44:54 pm

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Students in Rangely get ready for metal treasure hunt

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Seeking out fossils and other signs of long-past history has always been a passion for Dana Forbes. So, as a teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Rangely, one question naturally surfaced for him.

"How can I pass that down to kids?"

Forbes came up with an answer, raising more than $8,000 to purchase metal-detecting equipment he plans to use to help students hunt for old tools and other historical treasures on a ranch about seven miles away from the school.

He said the project -- one day for fourth-graders and a separate day for fifth-graders -- would help students learn about magnetism, the physical properties of rocks they might unearth and about the process of an environmentally friendly expedition

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