Death Comes to Stonehenge: The Burned Remains

Started by gash, April 25, 2016, 11:25:51 pm

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There is something mysterious about Stonehenge. I have a very distinct memory of visiting Stonehenge as a child, seeing the standing rocks in the distance Perhaps it was the fog and grey skies that imparted a mystical feeling in the air, but something about this place definitely sticks with you. It isn't just the personal and emotional feelings towards Stonehenge that shape our perceptions. We still know so little about what this place was used for, the people who constructed it, and how they were able to construct it. It seems every year we get a little closer and a little farther away from understanding. There have been some fascinating new discoveries at the site over the last decade- new burials, new locations of stones, new technological advances revealing more of the landscape. And recently, archaeologists examined the cremated remains found at the site more clearly. You know me- I can't resist a good cremation study!
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