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Incredible find!

Started by gash, May 23, 2016, 08:19:06 am

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Congratulations to Dan who found 187 Silver Roman Denarius, using his XP Deus and the Sifter program.
He said in an interview " The signal was not perfect but I just had a good feeling about it"
The coins were surrounded by nails with signs of burning around the area.
The dig near Wells in Somerset, was organised by Sean and Nick who own the Southern Detectorist club (shown with Dan).
Once the find was discovered the Local FLO's and Archaeologists were invited to attend, they allowed Dan to excavate his find under their supervision.

Dan was also allowed to take his finds home, they will be recorded within 14 days with his local FLO.
The Southern Detectorist team dealt with this fantastic find in a very professional manner, they acted strictly according to the UK treasure act rules and it was a text book hoard recovery, all captured on film....These guys are a real credit to the hobby.
Well done to everyone involved and thanks for inviting XP along to share the day.

A short video of the coins being uncovered

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