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From Southampton

Started by Markalong64, June 17, 2016, 12:37:49 am

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I have been detecting on and off for about 12 years with some big gaps. I have just got a Makro Racer 2 as a replacement for my White's DFX as tech has apparently moved on a fair way :)

My main area of interest is Roman.



Hi Mark and welcome to the forum

You are right technology has come on big style, i remember when i had the DFX , loved the machine, but then over the last probable 8-10 years i have become an XP user, the Deus is a marvellous machine.

So again a big welcome, please feel free to comment on any posts and of course tell us about your outings and show us your finds.

We are a relatively new forum, like yourself i have been detecting for well over 20 years and basically created this for detectorists use and pleasure, the forum and facilities are free to use and i hopefully intend it to stay that way.

Also we have a chat room (button on the top menu), keep an eye on the top of the forum it will tell you if anyone is in there, or if you have any colleagues who wish to come along and chat in there, they are more than welcome.

If you are not aware, have a look at my colleagues site www.dugupcoin.com, the only site that offers raffles to win metal detecting products, plus they have a classified section selling detecting equipment.

I hope you enjoy your stay with us and please get your colleagues to come along and sign up, the more people the merrier

All the best


(Gary - Admin)
XP Deus 9" coil & 13x11 coil
XP Goldmaxx Power
Whites DFX
Garrett Ace250
Nokta Simplex+

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