Winterborne Kingston dig unearths nine Iron Age skeletons

Started by gash, July 15, 2016, 02:40:51 pm

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Nine Iron Age skeletons uncovered during a dig could "completely change our understanding" of how ancient people lived, archaeologists claim.

The well-preserved remains were found by Bournemouth University students during a dig at a pre-Roman town near Winterborne Kingston, Dorset.

Lecturer Paul Cheetham said the finds were "significant" as most tribes cremated or put bodies in wetlands.

The skeletons have been taken to the university to be examined further.

Mr Cheetham, a senior lecturer in archaeological science at Bournemouth University, said: "Understanding of our Iron Age past is significantly improved by this find, given the advances in scientific investigation such as DNA and isotope analysis which provide an insight into population movements and ancestry.

"Accessing skeletal information from this date in the UK is extremely rare. This data could completely change our understanding of the Iron Age."

It is hoped tests will reveal the ages, health, diet, origin and cause of death of the people whose remains have been found.

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